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Dear Diary 

Published in Daily Dangle



Below are three month’s worth of unedited diary entries. I was 16 years old.




We told mom we were going to the movies but instead we went to some guy’s kickback that was pure depression. There was a bunch of ugly people there and they were watching National Lampoons.


I drank half a beer. The guys started taking shots. I only drink wine coolers or beer even though I HATE beer. I actually hate wine coolers too but they are the most tolerable of all alcohols.


Lili and Mark went to a bedroom upstairs. Me and Zabi went in later and took them a shot of some alcohol we opened. Inside the bedroom there was another bed and we started dry fucking. I was on a bed with Zabi dry fucking and Lili and Mark were on the other bed. My vagina smelled cause I hadn’t washed it.  Zabi brought a CD with the song “I just wanna fuck you, no kissing or loving girl…” I don’t remember how the rest of the song goes but, it says “I just wanna fuck you” a lot of times. The CD just had that song on it so every time it ended he kept having to press play again and again.


It was the best. Zabi has the best personality. Maybe i’ll let him take my virginity sometime in the future.


When I looked at Lili she was in her underwear and Mark was not wearing any!!!! He started asking for condoms or seran wrap. I looked at Lili and was like “Please don’t do it with seran wrap. Please don’t do it”.


It was really funny.


She went downstairs with him again since there were no condoms. She gave him a BJ a few weeks ago and he said he didn’t like it because he was religious.


It was already 12:15 and mom had paged us 911 four times!!!. We went home. I wrote my # on Zabi’s stomach. Mom was pissed. She said they had been looking for us since 11. We told her we went cruising.




There’s this guy Mustafa who I thought was hot but only cause he looks like Zabi. He called me last night. I wasn’t really interested in him because I had already been with the real deal. We went to lunch together. I was pretty nervous. He drove way too fast but had a really nice car. Everything he did got on my nerves too because I kept comparing him with Zabi and there’s no one like Zabi. We went to Taco Bell. He was pretty talkative but I can’t compare. He invited me to a kickback. All his friends were gonna be taking E. I KNEW I WAS NOT GONNA DO IT. I told him I would page him at 6:30. I went home with Lili after school and then we went cruising.


I called Mustafa later that night and told him I was not gonna go and he said that was better because I’d feel out of place. I can’t believe this guy!


I called Zabi and told him I wanted to do E w/ him and I DOOOOOO!!

I ended up staying home that night and watching pure depressing movies with mom and dad. Mom gets on my nerves when she asks me a question.




Ashley came over. Me and Lili hate her but we still hang out with her cause we don’t have any friends. She’s weird and her family is gross. They have a dirty house and sometimes there’s dirty underwear laying around the living room floor. Also they are all ugly. Ashley is ugly too but once a guy told me she has DSL (Dick sucking lips) so I guess maybe guys like her for that.


We went clubbing at Kokomo’s all ages club that night. Its 16 and over and Lili is 15 so her mom made her a fake ID.


The club was pretty empty. We were all dancing in the middle of the dance floor. We were dressed like sluts. Ashley kissed a guy. I had a huge inside zit on my cheek. It frustrates me that I can never pop inside zits. They never pop they just get purple. We FREAKED WITH MORE THAN 20 GUYSSSSS. It was CRAZY. I danced with one guy that was wearing a shirt that said “Petting Zoo” on it. We danced in the cage for a while. Then some guy came in the cage with us. He was funny and cute but then a security guard told him to leave the cage cause it was for girls only. I drank a few zips of a guy’s beer and then I got tired and went home when dad picked us up.




I hadn’t seen Zabi ALL MONTH and I really missed him, but today was the day that he would come to see me.  I had to find a place for us to hook up. Annie, from school said we could use her house to hook up, but then later she got busted for stealing and being a kleptomaniac so now i’m not speaking to her anymore. I guess some people in drama class were suspecting of her taking shit from other people’s bags. They set up a camera and shit and were like “oh we’re leaving $50 on this table” in front of her. So then I guess the video shows her walking up to the table and taking the $50. It’s crazy. She always talked about how her dad owned American Express and how she was a princess in India. She always gave me Hello Kitty presents but I guess the presents came from stolen moneys. She got taken to the principles office and I have not seen her since.


After school, I washed my vagina cause I was on my rag.

Me and Zabi ended up meeting at the rest stop by the freeway. He came in my car and we were just kissing. I blew him cause I was on my rag. He came in my mouth twice and i almost threw up. I felt so sick. Then we met his friends at McDonalds.


I went home because I was scared that I would get in trouble. I came home and had cum all over my face and hair, mom was not mad and didn’t have a clue.


PS: when he came in my car I wiped the cum with a little piece of tissue paper which i’ve attached on the next page. It’s a souvenir of cum.

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